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Neo Hair Lotion in Pakistan

What is Neo Hair Lotion in Pakistan?

NEO Hair Lotion in Pakistan masculine baldness is a problem for some men. Neo Hair Lotion in Pakistan is formulated with 100% properties: Cantaloupe can accelerate hair growth, improve hair quality, prevent hair loss, relax hair and rejuvenate hair. Can make shiny. Masculine baldness is a problem for some men. By the age of 20, about 20% of men give identifiable signs of baldness. Management is Neo Hair Lotion. It restores lost hair and revives damaged hair. It can be used by people very well.

Neo Hair Lotion in Lahore was made by Dr. Phaiboon Maraphruekwan in Thailand. He learned about herbs from his father, a traditionalist. Dr. Fibon has conducted numerous tests on the use of herbs in current medicine and has provided some corrective and healing products from the herbal Minoxiwell Hair Oil.

  1. Provides additional support for hair cell growth.
  2. Make the hair follicles more earthy
  3. Reducing masculine baldness, activating pregnant new hair
  4. Sharpen new hair to get longer and more ground, masculine style baldness.


  1. White ginseng can stimulate blood flow around the scalp so that supplements can be transferred to the hair follicles, stimulating the hair follicles, accelerating hair growth, feeding the hair, and reducing hair loss. Indulekha hair oil to reduce.
  2. The concentration of Shi Palmetto, a characteristic of saw palms that can reduce the effects of DHT, is a testosterone supplement that prevents hair from taking blood supplements.
  3. Coconut and wild nectar hair treatment wax can heal and support hair roots, protect hair from daylight and pollution, and treat dry and damaged hair.
  4. New hair lotion can be used by two people in Islamabad.


Stimulates the circulation of blood to the scalp cells, from which the hair follicles receive supplements, care is taken about hair roots, and accelerates hair growth.

  1. Feeding strengthens hair roots.
  2. Reduce male-style baldness.
  3. Stimulates new hair growth.
  4. Helps accelerate the growth of long, solid, and dark hair.
  5. Prevent falling hair.
  6. It helps reduce and prevent baldness due to hereditary causes.
  7. It helps to straighten and support the hair.
  8. Protect from sun damage and external pollution.
  9. Deep hair care
  10. Nourish the scalp for satiety.
  11. Reduce scalp thinness.

Neo Hair Lotion Fixings:-

Purified water, ethanol, ethoxy glycol, propylene glycol, ginseng extract, soo palmetto extract, cantaloupe extract, coconut oil, and honey.

How to Use?

Gently brush your hair and apply a new hair lotion to your scalp. Use as usual at the beginning of the day and around the evening. For best results, it is recommended to wash your hair with a mild cleanser or child cleanser, and then use a new hair lotion. Standard use of the item can result faster than any other method. Use 1-3 containers of the item to see the result of hair-building fiber.

Neo Hair Lotion Usage:-
  1. You have to be disciplined and steadfast. For best results, apply New Hair Lotion every morning and night in Karachi.
  2. Wash and dry your hair and scalp. For best effect, use a synthetic compound (child cleanser) cleanser.
  3. Rub your scalp from behind to speed up the blood flow.
  4. Apply New Hair Lotion on your scalp and hair. Try not to wash it.
  5. One container lasts for one month. You should expect results after three to four months.
  1. As an operator that enhances germination
  2. Hair condition
  3. Stimulates blood circulation.
  4. Skull zone
  5. Reduce male baldness.
  6. New hair lotion
  7. Ginseng focuses on white.
  8. Remove the cantaloupe
  9. Palmetalot palmetto saw shore in Europe
  10. Coconut oil extract and wild nectar
  11. Remove from the leaves.


You should have taught and persevered. Spray this item on your scalp but it can be expected without washing. In case you need to consider rushing as per the time allowed, spray the item several times (it is advisable to use an infant cleanser on this occasion if you are clearly severe or Have unusually short hair). Using the item, as usual, can result in quicker results in another way. Use one to three containers of items so that the results can be seen clearly.

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