Automatic Rotimatic


The Automatic Rotimatic is the world’s, to begin with, completely programmed roti-making machine. With its progressed innovation and customizable settings, it produces idealized rotis each time. It is additionally simple to utilize, clean, energy-efficient, and can make up to 20 rotis in one go.


Automatic Rotimatic in Pakistan

Are you tired of investing hours in making rotis physically? See no advance than the Automatic Rotimatic, the world to begin with a completely Automatic roti-making machine. With its inventive plan and progressed innovation, the Automatic Rotimatic price in Pakistan is set to revolutionize the way you make rotis at domestic. Not as it were does it spare you time and exertion, but it moreover produces impeccably circular and feathery rotis each time. In this post, we’ll take a closer seem at the highlights of the Automatic Rotimatic and how it can outrank the competition.

Easy to Use and Clean

The Automatic Rotimatic in Karachi is unimaginably simple to utilize and clean. Essentially include the fixings to the machine, and it’ll do the rest. Cleaning is additionally a breeze, with its non-stick and dishwasher-secure components.

Advanced Technology for Perfect Rotis

The Automatic Rotimatic in Lahore employments progressed fake insights and machine learning calculations to guarantee idealized rotis each time. It alters the temperature, working, and cooking time based on the mixture and encompassing conditions, guaranteeing reliably scrumptious comes about.

Saves Time and Effort

Say farewell to hours of manual labor with the Automatic Rotimatic. It can make up to 20 rotis in one go, and each roti takes as if it were 90 seconds to cook. This implies you’ll have naturally made rotis in minutes, without any exertion.

Customizable Settings

With the Automatic Rotimatic, you’ll customize the measure, thickness, and broil level of your rotis, guaranteeing they are just the way you like them. You’ll be able to select from an assortment of flour sorts, counting entire wheat, all-purpose, and gluten-free.


The Automatic Rotimatic is outlined to be energy-efficient, utilizing as it were 1 kWh of vitality for every 40 rotis. This implies it isn’t as it were great for the environment but moreover spares you cash on your vitality bills.

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